Our Journey Begins!

Back in the summer we were made aware of an incredible opportunity to join a group who would spend several days touring Biblical sites in Israel. Traveling out of the country this year wasn't really on our radar, we had just moved to Birmingham in January, and were still settling into our new home. As many of you know, caring for Cooper has required more out of us than it normally does. But after talking with the elders at Cahaba, they encouraged us to seriously consider the opportunity.

Cooper coming over for a hug yesterday as we packed for our trip. 

Cooper coming over for a hug yesterday as we packed for our trip. 

There were some obstacles, but they were quickly overcome. The most important concern for us was the care of our children. Anna and I have both been blessed with godly parents who love to serve. One of them flew out from the west coast and another drove down from the midwest in order to watch and care for our kids. It has been touch and go for the last week or so as we evaluated Cooper, but even with his highs and lows our parents told us to go. The saints that we worship with have volunteered their service to our mothers and are willing to jump in when needed.

So this morning, Anna and I got on a plane together by ourselves for the first time since before our oldest son was born.  We are going on a trip with other believers, to learn more about the places and people where so much of God's plan of redemption unfolded.

Please pray for the family and friends caring for our family while we are away. One of my brothers is staying with my grandmother, so that my mother was free to be in Birmingham this week & both mine and Anna's fathers have volunteered to be bachelors while their wives are caring for our children.

Please pray that Anna and I are renewed, and thank God for the opportunity he has provided us. Pray for our church family while we are gone, and thank God for all the men helping to cover my studies while I'm away!

My plan is to write a post every other day and share a few pictures to update our kids and friends back home on our journey. Feel free to add your email address to the mailing list if you want to receive these updates as they are published, or just look for the links in my Facebook feed.

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