Worshipping God In Every Circumstance

Heb. 11:21 - By faith Jacob, when dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, bowing in worship over the head of his staff.

In Heb. 11:21, as the writer lists men and women who had lived by faith, he mentioned when Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph from Gen. 48. The Hebrew writer revealed that as Jacob blessed the boys, he worshipped God by bowing his head over his staff. Even though Jacob would never physically live to see the day when his blessings would come to fruition, instead of dwelling on his possible disappointment and his impending death, by faith he focused on the day when God would make his blessing come true! On the eve of his departure from this world, there was something worth worshipping about God.

May we be alert and attentive to the daily opportunities God gives us to praise and worship him! Whether it is as a congregation when we come together, or during the middle of our daily routines when we are reminded of the awesome God we serve. Whether it is during the emotionally high moments of joy and excitement or during low moments that could overwhelm us (think about Paul and Silas singing in prison in Acts 16). There is always something we can praise about God!

Jeremy Dehut