Appian Media - A non-profit production team creating both free and subscription based, digital Bible content. Watch the first 5 episodes of Following the Messiah directly from their site! - A great resource of Biblical geography, archaeology and history. Managed by Todd Bolen.

BiblicalStudies & Ferrell's Travel Blog - Two sites dedicated to the study of the of the Bible and the lands of the Bible. Managed by Ferrell Jenkins.

Cahaba Heights Church of Christ - The home site of the congregation I serve with. - Barry Britnell's site for anyone interested in touring the Bible lands.

Graceway Media - A graphic design site producing PPTX themes and other media for content creators.

Radically Christian - The personal and devotional blog of Wes McAdams.

RightNow Media - An online service streaming faith-based media.

Sacred Selections - A non-profit founded with the goal of helping Christian families adopt.

Sacred Selections Birmingham - A local group of volunteers and donors who hold an annual fundraiser to help Christian families adopt. Learn about the next event by going to the site.